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Je t’aime Bordeaux

J t’aime Bourdeaux. I recently visited Pomerol, St. Emilion, Bourdeaux and the quaint Cap Ferret. My trip could not have been any better. Staying in Pomerol was a treat! I could walk for miles and miles, surrounded by vineyards and not get tired. Seamlessly walking from one village into the next, sniffing young grapes from Seraphine, Lepin, Petrus, Hosanna. Tranquility to the max, I am one lucky dog.

The medieval town of St. Emilion is definitely worth a visit. Nestled on top of sloping viticultural hills, St. Emilion is a photographer’s and wine lover’s dream. There is a marvelous blend of ancient stone homes and churches with the world’s most delicious wines. Steep cobblestone pathways wave throughout the town. If it starts to rain, you may want to duck into a café for a glass of wine, the cobblestones get very slippery. My paws had a wee bit of trouble gripping the stones. Restaurants galore and I could curl up under the table at all these fab places.

The city of Bordeaux was an unexpected surprise. Great cuisine, lovely side streets, fab shopping, this city has it all. Much smaller scale than Paris, but really fun! Great walking along the Garonne river, too. And restaurants all welcomed me.

As we drove south, I started to sniff the ocean air. When we finally stopped, we were at the tip of paradise. Cap Ferret is pure tranquility. We stayed at a charming hotel, La Maison du Bassin They have a separate house which was perfect for me. There was even a quaint terrace for me to sit and watch. We were off season, so it was awesome because we had the beach to ourselves. I can only imagine what this place must be like mid-summer. Probably a bit too much hustle and bustle for me. There is a beautiful park surrounding the lighthouse but sadly, they wouldn’t let me in, even on my new leash – quell dommage.

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