What to do with your anxiety when you Fly

Written by Miss Maggie and Julie

Here are some tips because, flying with anxiety can be tricky. You may look all put together on the outside, but boy is your body active on the inside! There are a few things that I do in advance of the flight that helps me keep calm. I hope these simple tricks help you, too!

Mental notes don’t work well for me when I am on edge. Try to visualize your steps before you get on the flight.

Visualize being in the airport and think about everything you will need to get you on the flight: License, Passport, Credit Card. Keep these specific items in one, easy to reach place. I have a small crossover bag that holds just these things. This way, I know those things are in that small purse and I don’t have to frantically search for them. Use a backpack for other flight things you need: wallet, ipad, earbuds, book, glasses. I find when my hands are free, I feel more in control of what’s around.

Create a travel folder in your email mailbox with ticket information and boarding pass so you won’t have to scroll through all your emails.

Always check your bags If you can. The less things you have with you, the better. A lot of times, there is not enough room in the cabin for carry ons and the airlines will ask for volunteers to have the bags checked, free of charge. Do it! Less to worry about. I keep a visual note and count the number of bags I have (including purse and backpack) and where each bag is located on the flight.

Before you arrive at the airport I can’t stress enough the importance of hydrating. Drink plenty of water, not a glass, more like 5 or 6 glasses, 3 to 4 hours before the flight. Anxiety takes a toll on the body so keeping it hydrated will help you feel better on the plane.

Flying may not be easy but having a game plan sure helps!

Happy Traveling, friends! Miss Maggie and Julie

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