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Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale!

Miss Maggie reviews pet friendly hotels the world over


Smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, this property is beyond! Beautifully surrounded by really big rocks, there are hiking trials (preapproved by the staff) and plenty of sightseeing for all my four-legged friends. Be REALLY careful of the cactus – especially if you are a city dog, like me. They have this thing called a jumping cactus and boy does it jump. Landed right on my back paw. It took me forever to flick that thing off. Fortunately, security at the resort is very adept at pulling those prickly spines out of paws. Definitely will go back, may have to take up golf though, desert hiking is not for me.

Hotel Accommodations

Simply lovely. Plenty of space to roam. Staff was super friendly and greeted me with kisses and hugs. Big and open, I didn’t feel nervous at all. What’s even better is that we had to walk to our room, so elevators and small spaces were never a problem. They offered me a ride in a golf cart but much I preferred the smells and checking out the new plants that I have never seen in Boston!


Very spacious, open and comfortable. Loved the floor to ceiling windows so I could watch the beautiful colors of the desert. Couches, chairs and even my own bed. Wait, did a bobcat just walk by the terrace? And I was just going to sit out in the afternoon sun and take a long nap… Good thing this room is big, I am never going to leave it now!

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