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Miss Maggie Is the Modern Dog

She travels around the globe sniffing out great pet-friendly hotels, pawsome places to play, and she even sniffs out top-quality wine producers.

Bowthewow is a lifestyle brand for those that live pet friendly.
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After traveling around the World sniffing out yummy wines, Maggie gives her Paw of Approval to these Wines!

Pet friendly Hotel Reviews Written by the One and Only Miss Maggie!

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Pet Friendly Hotel Reviews

We sniffed out some great places to eat, drink and play that are super friendly to dogs in these cities!

Our Paw Rating System

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Four Paws

The highest recommendation. Hotel and staff are very accommodating.

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Three Paws

Pretty good, just wished they had thought about that one other thing.

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Two Paws

At least they are trying.

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