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The Blue Hills of Boston

The granite may look blue but there is plenty of green

About 20 minutes south of Boston is the Blue Hills Reservation Park. We just went for an amazing hike. Tranquility amongst the trees. There are plenty of trails for little legs and longer ones. In fact, I was chatting with a baby Dachshund – now there were some little legs and he was on a Peek a Blue hike which is meant for baby strollers but just as good for puppies.

I have done some of the more strenuous hikes – quite steep and rigorous. But my favorite is the green circle trail. The ground is soft in most places, just enough hills and plenty of scents and sounds. It can take you anywhere from an hour to two hours depending upon your scent mood.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash and for the most part, people honor this. The few dogs off leash that I have encountered were very kind and stayed close to their owners. I myself, get very nervous around off leash dogs. But these guys are well behaved.

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