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Wine Down Wednesday presents: 1990 Champagne Louis Roederer Brut Vintage

A Girl and her Bubbles, imagine drinking a 33 year old champagne, three times older than yourself! Written by Miss Maggie, the Boston Terrier

A girl like me, loves to be spoiled, and last Sunday, I was super indulged with a Magnum of the 1990 Louis Roederer. While a magnum might seem like a lot of bubbles, I shared it with some awesome guests.

Discover it.

Louis Roederer is the largest owner of grand cru vineyards and this terroir pedigree definitely is reflected in this amazing wine. A portion is oak aged for that rich, opulent style that Roederer is famous for. Quite heavy in Pinot Noir, it definitely was a sparkler that needed food to show off its maturity.

_Taste It. _

Champagne does age quite well, and even at a more slower pace when bottled in a larger format. Similar to other still wines, champagne develops quite unique characteristics as it ages. While the champagne still had carbonation, it was definitely losing its effervescence and the color was starting to darken. The fresh fruit flavors have now changed to dried fruit and honey, nutty and toasty flavors. I just saw the great wine shop Berry Bros & Rudd in London, England has a couple of mags left if you’re interested!

Pair It.

Classic Seafood dishes, caviar, and/or hors d’oeuvres will not stand up to the complexity of this wine. You really need to think outside the box for a food pairing. Try a Burgundian tart made with Époisses, black forest ham and creme fraiche with a simple green salad on the side. Hint on the Époisses, keep refrigerated until you are ready to use and use a cheese slicer to peel! Gets really gooey, really fast!

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