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Boutique Hotel Cap Ferret, France La Maison du Bassin


A leisurely one hour drive from the city of Bordeaux, Cap Ferret is nestled between the Atlantic and the Basin d’Arcachon, where oyster farming is the way of life. La Maison du Bassin is tucked away in the fisherman’s village at the tip of the island, comfortable and chic. No car needed here! Sandy streets and pine trees will lead the way to the beach for the freshest oysters ever and a chilled glass of rosé.


La Maison du Bassin offers their guests peaceful, down to earth accommodations reminiscent of years gone by. This boutique hotel is cozy and exotic. Unassuming hospitality calms restless paws. It is no wonder Ernest Hemmingway sought out this place for its light breezes on the veranda, tranquil sounds off the ocean and salty smells in the air. Timeless.


Unpretentious charm is found in this laid-back boutique hotel. The rooms have such an old world elegance, you can’t help but feel relaxed and part of something special. And if you are lucky enough to get a room on the alley, at 10:00pm, you can join the local restauranteurs singing, “La Marseillaise!”

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