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Maggie thinks this wine is Yummy! 2016 Crocus L’Atelier Malbec de Cahors

Wine Down Wednesday features 2016 Crocus L’Atelier Malbec de Cahors

The Renaissance man, Paul Hobbs owns and operates this adventurous project, @crocuswines in southwest France🇫🇷. Most of us pups think Malbec’s home is Mendoza Argentina but it really all started in Cahors France. Paul is a master with this grape, he tames the tannins and makes a delicious silky style. He has been called the Steve Jobs of the Wine World🍇🌎, that’s kind of impressive!

Beautiful aromas of violets and wildflowers. On the palate, think of black cherry mixed with fresh blueberries and black current jam. I love this wine with nice hearty winter meals. Like a nice brisket stew🥣. Yummy combination!

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