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1999 Gaja Barolo Gromis, Italian Red Wine

Wine Down Wednesday!

My viticultural indulgence is certainly continuing as last Saturday I enjoyed a stunning bottle of 1999 Gaja Barolo Gromis. https://wilsondaniels.com/winery/gaja/ While the Gaja family is more well known for their amazing Barbaresco, they also produce three equally fantastic Barolos.

The Gromis Barolo, now labeled Dagromis comes from two of the communes of the beautiful Barolo area of Piedmont. Serralunga which provides power, strength and backbone and La Morra which imparts elegance and finesse.The 1999 vintage was only the second vintage of this Barolo, and it was just exquisite. We opened it three hours before dinner, then decanted it about thirty minutes before relishing this beauty with Veal Osso Bucco. What a combination!!!.

This wine demonstrates why Nebbiolo, the only grape allowed to make Barolo or Barbaresco, is regarded by many wine lovers as one of the noble varietals. No debate, the Nebbiolo varietal reaches its heights in Barbaresco and Barolo. Great Nebbiolo has been compared to a top ballet dancer, at once graceful and powerful. With age the tannins soften, its color turns to a brickish hue and its flavors possess notes of dried fruits, game and mushrooms.

The Gaja family is unarguably one of the world’s most iconic producers. While going back to the 1800s, the family really achieved its greatest following in the 1970s, under the leadership and visionary Angelo Gaja. While doing things the Gaja way, Angelo combined his innovativeness with the philosophy of Grand Cru Burgundy and Classified Bordeaux, the wines have achieved world recognition. His brilliant daughter Gaia Gaja has even taken the wines to greater heights, as she has introduced organic, biodynamic ways of farming.

I am one fortunate dog who has a chance to sip fantastic wines!

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